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A recent project, The Laurabrook, features one of Hunterstruct’s design specialties: small homes that feel big.

This smaller home is a rebuild on an existing foundation. We customised this, adding and removing concrete to suit the new design.

Named after a creek on the property, The Laurabrook features an upper-level vaulted ceiling of ten feet at peak and a nine-foot ceiling off ground level, both great ways to add to a building’s sense of space without a great cost-to-build spike.

We’re a certified BC house builder (HPO # 35313).
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About 75% of The Laurabrook’s upper level is an “open” floor plan. This can be illuminated using one candle, and because of its unique acoustics, the interior fills with sound using only a few watts of amplification. Downstairs, 12 square feet, or about a step and a half, is lost to hallway—less than 1/2 a percent of the building’s overall floor area.

Though only 2400 square feet, the Laurabrook offers four 12×16 square foot bedrooms, a spacious wide-open kitchen/living/dining/den area, a vast recreation room, a welcoming foyer, and facilities on each level. A master bedroom could be added to this design at the expense of the family den, and without greatly affecting the home’s open feel.


We’ve photographed this build from start to finish, including videos of The Laurabrook’s interior at completion. Use the menu above to view the project stages, and these handy links to completed interior and exterior photos and videos.

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